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Motivational Speaker with authenticity, humor, and passion

Chris Belmont, motivational speaker, delivers keynote speeches on multiple subjects. She bases her talks on her real world experience as a business leader. Above all, She knows how to make the subject matter of her speech relatable, impactful, and actionable to people on the front lines of business. Because her credibility and authenticity are based on her 30+ years of firsthand experience, she always delivers insight in addition to information in her programs.

Managing Millennials – A comprehensive field guide to interaction and relationship building

  • This talk explores how to evolve and adapt to get the most out of your Millennial workforce. We start by trying to understand what makes them tick.

  • Setting expectations

  • Providing feedback

  • Engaging, mentoring, and assigning work to millennials

  • Getting them to stay! Stop turning them over as fast as you can hire them

Developing People – Something we just don’t seem to have time for

Start with yourself. When was the last time you worked on developing you? This talk provokes thought and moves people to action!

Making sure you’re promoting the right people, for the right reason. In other words, give them the support they need to be successful. Don’t let them learn by failure.

Make your job much easier in the process!

Animal Spirit Series – A fun and engaging way to address chronic obstacles

Shark Management Program: How these characteristics can help us manage.

Sharks are always on the prowl. They do not sleep, they have no hobbies, and they NEVER stop moving. Because if they stop swimming, they drown. As a result, shark will pass up an opportunity to eat. However, we pass up the opportunity to impact our business every day.

I have a whole series of “find your animal spirit” and apply it to your management style. It can be expanded to include other animal characteristics. This is a fun, interactive talk, where leaders take an honest look at what is holding them back from being the best they are capable of. For example, a few of the others programs in the series are:

  • Frogs Program (procrastination and time management)
  • Buffalo Program (run towards the problem not away)
  • Squirrels Program (perseverance and grit)

Conflict Management & Resolution

This talk explores how to recognize and embrace conflict to become more productive. Conflict is certainly not a bad thing if you use it wisely:

Recipe for conflict:

  • Ingredients: People, any number more than one
  • Directions: Require interaction or occupation of the same space