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Building Your Brand Value OLD

 “A brand is the promise of an experience.”

Bob Mack Peak – Belmont Business Consulting

Build Your Brand Workshop people in meeting

Branding is not about advertising, colors, events, social media, or taglines… it’s about education and knowledge. What is the experience you promise your sales channels and customers and how do you live it?

Questions to be explored

What is a brand promise?
Do you know what your company’s brand promise is?
Can both your leaders and employees state your brand promise?
Do your vendors, suppliers, partners, and customers know?
Have you formally developed your brand statements?
Does your corporate identity, logo, print and web standards or guidelines include your brand statements?
Is branding part of new employee orientation?
Do partner onboarding programs cover top-down info transfer?
Who maintains/enforces brand guidelines beyond the logo police?
Who monitors social media traffic (in and out) for conformance?
Case studies – how did the most valuable brands live their promise?

What You’ll learn in Building Your Brand Promise


Brand positioning – vision, mission, brand statements
Brand vocabulary – how you talk about your brand promise
Resource identification – people, processes, and systems
Executive ratification – agreement on direction and brand promise


Knowledge acquisition – translating information into actionable models
Enterprise vocabulary – how you talk about your business
Resource modeling – creating cross-functional relationships
Information architecture – building enterprise business models


Metadata – identifying content owners, authors, and contributors
Optimization – managing multiple content management solutions
Resource synchronization – creating cross-functional relationships
Resource categorization – actualizing the models for full accountability



  •  Brand statements draft
  • Team ratification & sign off
  • Take home to-do lists
  • Competitive directives
  • Suggested education courses
    • Employees
    • Vendor/suppliers
    • Partners/distribution
  • Closed-loop marketing
    • Integrating with marketing
    • Sales teams/channel sync
  • Customer communications
    • Make a plan with marketing
    • Execute, monitor, feedback

The Work Shop


Each person will receive a pre-workshop guidance document to prepare for the workshop (1/2-day assignment). Each registered member (staff or executive) will have an equal voice in building your brand statements and providing input. One senior person shall be assigned the role of the tie-breaker (CEO, VP, Director).

Belmont Business Consulting

Our team will prepare the pre-workshop document based on current brand information and identity guidelines from your company. We do our homework before you do yours.