Diversity, Inclusion, and Sensitivity Training for Leaders and Employees

Don’t wait until your company goes viral or makes headlines to address Diversity and Inclusion


How is our training different?

Our solution is based on the idea that no two teams are the same, so no two training sessions should be the same. We adjust the content to meet the needs of the participants. We don’t force the participants to try and adjust to the learning. Diversity Training that impacts!

How is our delivery different?

For starters,  it is facilitated by someone who spent 25+ years as business operator and executive.

The training incorporates and builds upon the engagement of the participants. We walk them through the learning and discovery process, rather than lecture to them.

Main points:

  • Intervention, rather than reducing bias.

  • Managing behaviors, rather than legal points.

  • Conflict resolution & uncomfortable conversations.

  • How to maintain engagement after training.

  • Flexibility and Customization. As a result of the feedback at the beginning of the session, as well as the pre-workshop survey.

  • We have fun, but above all we dig deep on underlying issues.

  • We leave you with a plan. In other words, a “Roadmap” for continued growth and success.

For CA AB 1825 and Federal Guideline compliant sexual harassment training, visit the Civil Treatment page.