Identity Services

Belmont Business Consulting’s marketing solutions include identity services that will make your brand stand out from your competition. Additionally we offer customized solutions to fit your every business need.

These are brands we have either developed or polished, including naming, logos, multimedia, web sites, collateral, strategy, launch and ongoing marketing. Identity services include everything from naming your company to creating and researching a logo. Additionally, other projects may include icons, color schemes, marketing plans, collateral, TV and radio spots. Most important, is to find a name that has an available URL and passes preliminary US Patent Office ( searches. Then you can move forward with other legal checks, design and various brand elements and strategies.

Mouse over each logo to see both identity and marketing services we have provided for each of the brands below.
Custom sales/customer portal, logo, website, collateral, employees as well as brand education.
Mobile app development, logo, brand strategy, as well as field marketing campaigns. and events.
Logo, website.
Business plan, brand identity, logo, website, not only collateral, but also videos.
Logo, website, business plan.
Sales campaigns, logo, website, collateral.
Service sales video, as well as website for interactive workforce on global internal Quad social platform.
Events, logo, website, collateral, promos.
Consumer brand strategies, PR, digital sales promotions, as well as social media and loyalty programs.
3D animation, logo, website, radio and TV, business strategy.
Social media, logo, website, branding, business strategy, naming products.
Redesign of website, partner portal & on-boarding, collateral, and video production
Menus, logo, website, ads, banners, collateral, POS, radio, promos, as well as signage.
Logo, branding, strategy, as well as raising 2B capital.
Packaging, logo, website, products, brand strategy, business plan, POS.
Logo, branding.
Promos, logo, website, business plan, branding, product development, packaging.
sales channel strategy, Logo, website, campaigns.
Card designs, as well as logo and website.
Brand strategy, logo, as well as business development.
Logo, website, named company, trademarked, identity work.
Marketing strategy, logo, website, sales collateral.
Interactive sales tool plus cross and up-sell guidance for 60,000 re-sellers.
Design prepaid cards, channel strategy, as well as business development.
Flythrough 3D , logo, website.
newsletter, logo, website, as well as all promos, events, content.
Created all content, logo, website.
All design work, logo, website, brand and product positioning, business strategy, collateral.