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Everything DiSC® Management offers a customizable development solution proven to increase the effectiveness of anyone in a management role–whether managing direct reports or the relationship with their own manager. A complete program of classroom training, as well as online pre-work and follow-up focuses learning in five key areas:

  • Understanding DiSC® styles
  • Directing and delegating
  • Creating a motivating environment
  • Developing others with different styles
  • Identifying strategies for working more effectively with managers

Participants learn how their management style influences how they manage time, make decisions, approach problems. Additionally, they will learn what they need to do to adapt to the styles of others to bring out the best in each and every employee in their charge.

Participants Take-Aways


  • Discover their DiSC Management style: recognize the priorities and preferences that shape their experience as a manager of others and as an employee who must also effectively manage up
  • Understand how their unique style informs their approach to directing and delegation
  • Learn strategies for improving employee motivation as well as developing the full potential of people with various DiSC styles
  • Identify new ways to work more effectively with their manager


Program Components

Everything DiSC® Management Profile

Research-validated, online assessment. 27-page management-specific profile report helps learners better understand:

  • Their approach to managing and developing others as well as their perspectives on directing and delegating
  • How DiSC style significantly influences the factors that others find motivating
  • Insights for building strong relationships with their own managers
  • Easily customizable. Remove or rearrange pages, customize the profile title, or print selected sections. The profile may be used on its own or with the companion facilitation (sold separately)

  Facilitation Toolkit

  • Six 60-minute modules, including fully-scripted facilitation dialogue to use with engaging activities and workplace-focused videos
  • Easily customizable. Switch out video clips. Modify the PowerPoint presentation (with embedded video), Leader’s Guide, and handouts. Add or delete sections to fit any timeframe
  • Includes sample DiSC Management Profile and separate Interaction Guide (for up to 24 participants)


Follow Up Tools

Comparison Report

Ideal for individual coaching or small group work.

Insightful and robust 10-page research-validated reports. Can be created for any two participants, regardless of whether they have taken the DiSC profiles. For example, a Manager who took the Monument profile, and a direct report who completed Everything DiSC Workplace. Reports illustrate their similarities and differences,  as well as potential roadblocks in working together. Also included are practical tips for improving working relationships between colleagues. Unlimited access with all Everything DiSC profiles.

Team View                

An at-a-glance view of an unlimited number of respondents and their individual Everything DiSC maps. Coupled with unlimited access for all Everything DiSC profiles.

Supplement for Facilitators

In-depth data on an individual’s Everything DiSC assessment, which helps facilitate a richer discussion about a participant’s DiSC style, including unexpected items. Unlimited access with all Everything DiSC profiles (excluding Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders).

Facilitator Report

Ideal for pre-session planning to help craft strategies for working with both groups and individuals. A composite of a group’s DiSC styles, including the names and styles of each participant. Includes graphics that clearly illustrate the distribution of styles within the group. Also suggests ways to customize the delivery, and plan breakout sessions to maximize the benefits of the program.

Everything DiSC® Group Culture Report

Examines the DiSC culture of a group compared to it’s individual members. Explores both the advantages and disadvantages of each style, and its influence on decision making and risk taking. It also examines the group style effect on  members individually, based on different DiSC styles. Sold separately.


Learners gain unlimited access to MyEverythingDiSC. This mobile-friendly, interactive learning portal provides on-demand insights about DiSC as well as strategies for applying DiSC to real work situations.




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EPIC Account Free/with purchase of starter Credits
EPIC Account Free/with purchase of starter Credits
Everything DiSC Management Profile RESULTS HIDDEN FROM TEST TAKER
Everything DiSC Management Profile RESULTS HIDDEN FROM TEST TAKER
Everything DiSC Management Profile VIEW YOUR OWN RESULTS
Everything DiSC Management Profile VIEW YOUR OWN RESULTS
Everything DiSC® Management Facilitation Kit
Everything DiSC® Management Facilitation Kit

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