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Brand Management

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Belmont Consulting Brand Management Services are designed for organizations desiring to gain clarity for execution of their business strategies. Focus is on your brand strategy as the summation of all your strategies. Brand Management Services include:

  • Brand positioning and strategy for direction
  • Enterprise alignment of functional organizations for control
  • Accountability models for Web-based execution


Belmont Business Consulting takes the approach that your brand strategy is the summation of all your strategies. This is the process of both making the right promise and delivering on that promise. Brand strategy includes alignment around business focus, vision, mission, products and services.  As well as pricing, go-to-market, support, learning, IT systems, financials, people, integrated communications, and your ability to execute.

The strategy phase of Brand Management Services includes:

  • Most important, brand positioning – vision, mission, brand statements
  • After that, brand vocabulary – how you talk about your brand promise
  • Equally important, resource identification – people, processes, and systems
  • And finally, executive ratification – agreement on strategic direction and brand promise

Our alignment services create a unified approach to executing your business strategies. Basically, the foundation for this is our semantic software solutions that allow organizations to model business and web strategies. Summing up, Belmont  Consulting has a set of pre-developed business models that allows for rapid alignment.

The alignment phase of Brand Management Services includes:

  • Above all, knowledge acquisition – translating information into actionable models
  • Secondly, enterprise vocabulary – how you talk about your business
  • Thirdly, resource modeling – creating cross-functional relationships
  • Overall, information architecture – building enterprise business models

Belmont Consulting allows organizations to build an enterprise model that contains business strategies, Web publishing strategies, and enterprise vocabulary.  Additionally it supports the delivery of business and brand strategies. This architecture creates not only a highly accountable structure, but also a discipline for execution.

The accountability phase of Brand Management Services includes:

  • Metadata definition – identifying content owners, authors, and contributors
  • Content optimization – managing multiple content management solutions
  • Resource synchronization – creating cross-functional relationships
  • Resource categorization – actualizing the models for full accountability