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What is My DiSC Style

What is My DiSC Style?

Discover your DiSC Style with this short, easy to understand video.

Apply the knowledge to your friends and coworkers to determine their DiSC style as well.


If you want a personalized DiSC Profile that will reveal your DiSC Style:

Take the quick. 10 minute DiSC Assessment and disciver your DiSC style.

Once you complete your shopping cart, you will emailed the code and receive your results as soon as you take the assessment. 

Looking for something more detailed? There are DiSC Assessments specifically for people in Sales, Leadership, and Management roles. Additionally there is a special assessment to help make conflict with other styles more productive

Your DiSC style can help you improve your relationships with coworkers, friends, and family.

Belmont Consulting is an Authorized Partner of Wiley Publishing. We also facilitate DISC and Five Behavior workshops in Henderson and the Las Vegas areas.

We can travel to your location, inside as wells as outside of Nevada.

While we can do a DiSC workshop with as few as 3, 5-30 is the ideal number of participants. Help your team learn about their DISC style.

We can do a Five Behaviors workshop with as few as 3, 5-12 is the ideal number of participants

For info on workshops, or reports, contact cbelmont @Leadership.Guru

Call Chris at 702.674.9150 for a free consultation.

For a complete list of workshops, visit our workshop page.

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DiSC Leadership Profile INDIVIDUAL
DiSC Productive Conflict Profile INDIVIDUAL
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Everything DiSC Sales Profile INDIVIDUAL
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