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Chris Belmont
Managing Partner

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Bob Peak
Chief Branding Officer
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Dina Kelley
Chief Marketing Officer
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We are a virtual boutique digital agency. Our management is composed of senior staff from various backgrounds, technologies, and industries. While our senior staff can do it all, we look at the project, timeline, and deliverables to engage with top talent across the country and overseas.  We are brand-centric – we put a client’s brand and identity at the top of all strategies and deliverables. This focus means we strive to educate your management, staff, customers, partners, and vendors to live your brand promise. This pivots all advertising, messaging, packaging, website, social media, video, and messaging for a consistent delivery time-after-time. We help you and all related parties stay on-brand, on-message.

Highly Talented Regional & Global Network of Professionals

  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Agencies
  • Specialty Creative

As part of our creative services, we have internal staff and a global directory of talented people for virtually any industry or project. Creative output includes print, multimedia, advertising, websites, mobile, apps, games, social media, brand, and logos. We also have a team for 3D animation and hi-end video production that is Hollywood-level media.

As a virtual agency, we can scale any project in any location.


Belmont Consulting Developers Graphic

Our foundation is based on building detailed specs for any project for client approval and to shorten the time required for development. Our background started with large-scale computing with massive expenses and talent to deliver apps. Evolving forward to websites, mobile apps, partner portals, and commercial sites, our senior team has accomplished some amazing results for clients in services, products, and online revenues.

We can design or update your web market presence to deliver the desired results.



Belmont Consulting Agency Graphic

We work with some of the largest agencies in the world (BBDO, WPP in London, and Ogilvy & Mather) for media buys if desired. We have an internal group that is topnotch for strategy, creative, and media recommendations. It’s all about horses-for-courses… we, make sure that whatever your media needs are we get you the most bang for the buck.

From 3D animation to movie product placement, events, broadcast, print, and YouTube we can deliver high-impact results.


Belmont Consulting Specialty Creative Graphic

Looking for an edge-up on the competition? We do our homework, research, strategy, testing, and planning for whatever you need to deliver your messages. Need special event with jugglers and motorcycle riders and a band… can do. National billboard campaigns, TV ads, infomercial content and video, radio jingles, discounts, special offers, monitored contests… can do. Need a series of entertaining YouTube videos that will draws large ‘likes’ and ‘views’… you bet.

We put the Baby Boomers and Gen Z in the room with the Millennials and get the gears cranking for your project’s creative edge.