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Chris Belmont, aPHR, SHRM-SCP

Chris Belmont is a consultant based in Las Vegas. She started in business as a minimum wage employee at Taco Bell. But ended up running a multi-million dollar restaurant franchise with 30 locations in multiple states. To sum up her career, she went from being a General Manager, a Training Director, a Multi-Unit Manager, and finally a VP of Operations.

Chris delivers training and facilitation on multiple subjects, based on her real-world experience as a business leader. Her most popular speaking and facilitation subjects are Diversity & Inclusion in Business, and Leadership Development. Chris knows how to make the subject matter relatable, impactful, and actionable to people on the front lines of business. Her credibility and authenticity are based on her 30+ years of firsthand experience.

Part of her Leadership Development focus is based on the increasing difficulty and cost of recruiting managers and leaders in business. Her philosophy is that business should focus on developing internal candidates, rather than hiring from the outside, whenever possible. There are a few predictable traps new leaders face when they are promoted internally, and one of her most popular courses is helping new leaders succeed by identifying and working through these common pitfalls. She also works with seasoned leaders to help them hone their ability to develop their teams and grow more leaders.

Her Sexual Harassment workshops meet CA AB 1825 compliance standards and address topics like workplace bullying. Her Diversity & Inclusion workshops are based on the idea that every team is different, and so every Diversity discussion will be different. She meets participants where they are, rather than forcing them to attend a boring lecture that does little to impact behaviors and workplace attitudes. Chris works with every group to ensure that there is a real impact on the culture of an organization. She leaves each team with a customized roadmap that will help them develop a culture that does not tolerate uncivil behavior, and lines up with the company’s goals and objectives.

Chris is a certified instructor in multiple programs, including Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership, ELI, Inc Civil Treatment for Leaders, and Diversity & Inclusion, The Five Behavior’s of a Cohesive Team, and ServSafe Food Safety & Sanitation, and she is a Certified DiSC Coach. Chris also holds aPHR certification from the HR Certification Institute, and a SHRM-SCP from the Society of Human Resources Management.

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Dina Kelley, Chief Marketing Officer

Dina is a senior executive with 30 years of experience. She has an extensive background in both brand management and corporate communications. In particular, creating marketing plans, campaigns, events, sales, and marketing deliverables. Dina not only has experience in  industries such as retail and restaurant, but also in high tech, automotive, and others. Dina’s roots began in the Midwest. She began her career in radio copywriting and public service director for two radio stations. After that, it led to extensive global marketing roles in executive level positions in Silicon Valley. Furthermore, Dina’s main goal is to increase revenues, customer retention and create a brand promise for each client. This all begins with education, listening, understanding roadblocks, needs and cohesive teamwork.

Dina has created strategic and tactical sales and marketing plans, branding, events, creative identities, advertising, PR and media relations for global clients, increasing revenues 10-50% for established Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and mom and pop shops.  B2B/B2C Clients include: Cisco Systems, SView Mobile, Diamond Foods, Siebel Systems, various property management companies to include Howard Hughes Corporation.  To list a few more, MAYAN Networks, Sun, Centillium Communications, HP, Symantec, NETMANSYS, GameWorks, Auto Point, Fujitsu, Wet Holdings, Inc., Amdahl, Mentor Capital Group, Microstrada, and Destination Restaurant Group.

Dina has been an executive with three technology startups and three cannabis companies and was with these companies, from the garage stage to IPO, or global acquisition. Dina holds a BS in Home Economics Journalism and Foods and Nutrition from Iowa State University.

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Bob Mack Peak, Chief Brand Officer

Bob is a senior brand, sales and marketing guru. Bob works with startups to major Fortune 100 and tech companies around the world. Companies include Oracle, Fujitsu, Cisco, HP, Symantec, Universal Studios, and MGM. They engage Bob to optimize sales, improve brand recognition, stage and produce events, produce videos, social media, and deliver high-end websites and sales/customer portals. He works from a brand-centric perspective to develop and grow sales teams and distribution channels via education and global communications. He focuses on the latest techniques including SEO/SEM, social media, mobile marketing, 3D animation and digital demos. His industry experience spans tech, entertainment, software, restaurants, cannabis, travel, and automotive.

Bob was President of Beamit Communications, VP Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Computer Associates, Director of Marketing for Oracle Direct Marketing Division, and Director of Partner Marketing for Tandem Computers. Bob started his career as the head of IT for a Los Angeles based service bureau focused on applications for local business and the entertainment industry. Bob is an award-winning author and video producer, former PGA member, and has done standup comedy. Bob graduated from The University of Texas in Marketing, did his Computer Science graduate work in Houston and London.

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We are a virtual boutique digital agency. Our management is composed of senior staff from various backgrounds, technologies, and industries. While our senior staff can do it all, we look at the project, timeline, and deliverables to engage with top talent across the country and overseas.  We are brand-centric – we put a client’s brand and identity at the top of all strategies and deliverables. This focus means we strive to educate your management, staff, customers, partners, and vendors to live your brand promise. This pivots all advertising, messaging, packaging, website, social media, video, and messaging for a consistent delivery time-after-time. We help you and all related parties stay on-brand, on-message.







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