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Everything DiSC Certification is simply the best DiSC certification resource. Both for building basic DiSC knowledge, and for facilitation tools for this powerful solution. If  you take your DiSC knowledge to a deeper level, then you will learn to help others explore their DiSC style. As a result of certification, you will gain the expertise and strategies to facilitate powerful DiSC sessions. Specifically, you will build the confidence and competence to help your organization get the most out of Everything DiSC Workplace. Most important, learn to not only promote a DiSC-based culture, but incorporate it into useful action.

Everything DiSC Essentials is the perfect resource to develop basic knowledge of the Everything DiSC solutions suite, as well as coaching skills. Only 2-3 hours long, in addition it earns you 3 PDC’s from SHRM. Only $495!

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Everything DiSC Workplace Certification earns you 15 PDS’c from SHRM

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Good for 15 Personal Development Credits (PDC’S) from SHRM

towards SHRM-CP or SHRM_SCP re-certification


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She tried to entertain her guests. Similarly, he put all his heart and soul in cooking a great dinner. I’m tired of poor productivity. Therefore, I’m going to go to DiSC Productive Management training. We’re letting you go. In other words, you’re fired. I am not fond of conflict. However, I do like productive conflict. Today, I’m going to write a post about DiSC. In addition, I’m recording some video lessons. She tried to entertain her guests. Similarly, he put all his heart and soul in cooking a great dinner.