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Belmont Consulting’s Hourly To Leader Program

Why hire from the outside when you can promote from within? Hourly to Leader is a modular program to address one of the most pressing business concerns:

How to Build a Great Bench of New Leaders


Belmont  Consulting’s Hourly to Leader Program

Provides team members with the personal development and insights they will need in order transition to a leader/management role within your company with Hourly to Leader. They are exposed to the common pitfalls that newly promoted managers face, and given strategies to help navigate this critical transition period. The program serves to give the employer a clear picture of potential leaders’ skills, abilities, and career goals. It also gives participants a clear idea of expectations, and the level of work required once they are promoted.

During the program, candidates will be exposed to new concepts, challenged, and will come away with a better understanding of their strengths and opportunities. At the conclusion of the program, everyone who completes the course will receive a written evaluation of their performance and participation. We may also outline additional areas of focus that will help them achieve their career goals.

Woman transitioning from employee to leader


There are dozen’s of topics that you can choose from to best meet the needs of your business.

Some of our more popular ones are:

  • Engagement—How do I get their attention? Learning how and when to speak up, develop and promote their own ideas appropriately, figure out their “management style” (DiSC based).
  • Image- You’re a Leader Now How to change the perception of and influence their peers, and why it matters.
  • Communication Style—Business Communication & Documentation. Important and overlooked critical communication missteps and their consequences.
  • Uncomfortable Conversations – What do I Say? How to start them/when to have them. Knowing when to ask for help.
  • Critical Thinking—Fix it Before it Gets Worse Learn not just to identify, but to solve problems.

See our Workshop page for other programs.

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