Sexual Harassment Prevention Training


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Designed to help organizations prevent, detect, and correct inappropriate behaviors.  In other words, build productive, inclusive cultures.
CA AB 1825, SB 1343, SB 1300 complaint and updated for 2019.

Taught by a SHRM-SCP certified HR professional.

What is a CT Workplace?

A Civil Treatment Workplace is so much more than just mandatory sexual harassment prevention training. It is a workplace in which all members of the organization know and act in line with organizational values and expectations. This includes everyone from the highest level of leaders to the newly-hired employees.

foster a high performing culture
Foster a high performing culture with productive, happy employees
address the issues that businesses face
Address the issues that businesses face and avoid litigation

Why is it Important?

Your talent is your biggest investment. We help our clients maximize their greatest investment by developing skills and applying appropriate behavioral standards. These standards foster a high performing culture aligned with driving organizational objectives.

Implementing a Civil Treatment Workplace strategy can help business leaders understand what the “right culture” really is! This helps employees improve fundamental behaviors, for example how they interact with each other.  Employees also learn to identify, raise, and properly resolve problems. Firstly, a Civil Treatment Workplace furthers your focus on minimizing legal risks. Secondly, it also helps increase productivity, inclusion, and retention. The bottom, line is, it’s about creating a culture where everyone can do their best work!

It is a workplace where values are translated into day-to-day behaviors of professionalism, respect, collaboration, and inclusion. As such, a Civil Treatment Workplace fosters an environment in which all employees can thrive and do their best work.

Civil Treatment is a series of training and learning courses. It has tracks for both leaders and employees. It is designed to address the issues that businesses face on a daily basis. Most importantly, the programs provide participants with resources to create a more civil, inclusive, and productive workplace. In addition to sexual harassment prevention training, Ct touches the heart of a companies culture.

Examples of topics covered within Civil Treatment courses include harassment, discrimination, and retaliation, as well as bullying. In the same vein, it also covers respectful work environment, and wage and hour issues.

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